Monday, April 17, 2006

More Piccies And All That Stuff

It's been a pretty productive and pleasant weekend. I have spent time with some of my favourite people, I've done some design work and for the last day or so I've fixed all the programming glitches in my short-film to the point where I now have the finished music divided up into 6 tracks, each of which has been processed by a piece of Python code I wrote to spit out animation data. This data is loaded into the animation software I use and drives the speaker cones. The cones blow around 50 coloured cubes which glow brighter the more they move about. Here's a still from one of the more active parts of the sequence where the cubes glow brightest.

Now I have a complete sequence I can start planning camera moves and work out the editing. It's all very exciting and so far I'm pleased with how it moves and looks and I'm gobsmacked that the code I wrote actually works. Miracles will never cease.


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