Saturday, September 15, 2007

All Finished At Last

finishedHoldsworth_7647.JPG, originally uploaded by Mr Atrocity.

It's taken two months longer than expected, there have been many twists and turns along the way from bent dropouts, to seized seat-posts, to bizarre seatpost sizings, to chain-line calculations, to getting wheels built, to stripping the old paint, to sanding the frame, to respraying the beast, to tracking down the right decals, to fitting all the components to the frame, but finally it's done. The Penge Flier is ready for its maiden voyage.



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Blogger Churlita said...

ooooohhh, aaaaaahhhhh. What a beautiful bike. Nice work.

2:21 am  
Blogger Mr Atrocity said...

Thanks, it's taken a while but I'm really chuffed that I actually managed to build the whole thing myself.

5:24 pm  

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