Sunday, December 03, 2006

Sunday Evening

Subway Exhibition, originally uploaded by Mr Atrocity.

A thousand apologies, reader, for the lack of bloggage (blockage?) over the last week but it's been a fortnight of long hours and weekend work on HPatOotP, all for a big client presentation of our work to date. This has meant that frankly I have done very little other than work and there's no need to bore you with that. There have been a couple of things worth reporting though:

The photo above is taken in one of the subways under the Elephant and Castle roundabout in London. It's on my walk to work and on Wednesday there was this exhibition of photos by a local college student of people from the area and several shots of the estates themselves. This area is pretty run-down, it's perpetually on a list of places to get refurbished but it's hard to build a sense of community around two roundabouts which is pretty much all The E and C has. What amazed more than just the sheer brilliance of mounting this exhibition is that it remained untouched all week. No graffiti, no thefts, no damage. Perhaps I become too cynical but I believed on the first day that it would be lucky to survive till the following morning. It's so refreshing to be proved wrong and to have my faith in the basic decency of human beings restored.

What else? Well Tinseltroos and I took last Friday off as holiday, we both needed the three day weekend to relax. We saw the Velazquez show at the National Gallery on Friday, which was packed,with half the punters glued to those hateful audio guides, the continual babel of which make me think I'm going mad, and was a rip-off at twelve quid for a mere three rooms of pictures. We also saw "The Prestige" which Tinseltroos enjoyed and I thought merely OK. We spent the rest of the weekend eating and T kicking my arse at "New Super Mario Brothers" on the DS. Oh the shame.

Mini Apple Pies

Today we went to Richmond for a chumrade's pre-Christmas mince-pie and mulled wine party which was lovely. This morning T and I made mini apple pies as our contribution. They were very cute, though I say it myself.

And now I have washing to do, a room to tidy and my Mario skills to brush up on before bed. There's always so much to do and so little time.


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