Thursday, December 14, 2006

Over the Next Week I Must...

  1. Buy Christmas presents for everyone.
  2. Finish off HPatOotP work for current deadline.
  3. Get the last bits of costume for the work fancy dress party.
  4. Get food in for Christmas.
  5. Cook Sunday Roast for chums.
  6. Wrap presents for all and sundry.
  7. Sort out Christmas cards.
  8. Find another controller for the Wii so we can play multi-player things.
  9. Chase up my missing train tickets for getting to my dad's over the hols.
  10. Finally put togther the calendar of submission dates for all the short-film festivals I can find.
  11. Get booze for Christmas (looking at the above this may be a larger order than I'd thought).
  12. Tidy my room which looks like a demilitarised zone at the moment.
  13. Get a haircut.
  14. Sort through clothes that need to go to charity shop.
  15. Do a lot of washing.

And then when I've done all that I can relax. Phew. Zzzz.

Dog Tired


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