Monday, September 04, 2006

Ringing Endorsement

The Fake Frenchman, a man not known for his culinary experience, was presented with a problem at the end of last week. He had to entertain four lovely ladies on Sunday afternoon and his charm alone was not going to suffice. He was going to have to feed them too. He, wisely I felt, realised that his usual grilled frankfurter stirred into pasta wasn't quite going to cut the mustard so he asked if he could have my veggie lasagne recipe as I'd said it was easy to do when last I made it and he'd helped me eat it. I told him it was on the blog for easy access and as an aide memoire to me and that he should work from that.

So, with a bit of assistance from Tommy Dog on the Saturday, the boy wonder slaved away in the kitchen and produced a pretty damn good lasagne. I had a taste when I got home yesterday and I was impressed. More importantly, the four lovely ladies were impressed too. That's what I call cookery getting results.


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