Wednesday, August 23, 2006

We've Come On Holiday By Mistake (Part The Second)


Impromptu Cricket I

Sunday started lateish with everyone slowly negotiating with their hangovers for the right to use their limbs and regain some sort of motor-function. Once we were all mobile we all gently trundled back to the area of the main stage and set up camp on the hill. Sunday was the first that didn't begin with rain and then continue with rain so we felt safer in laying out our picnic blankets.

Some kind souls had brought a cricket set with them and an impromptu game was taking place just to the left of the stage. I naturally felt compelled to join in. I took a couple of wickets whilst bowling, including a caught and bowled, took two further catches off other people's bowling and scored a paltry 8 runs, which given my complete ineptitude with the bat seems about par. After a while a few kids joined the fun including a couple of little terrors who bowled ferociously quickly and scared the crap out of the adults.

Following the junior sporting onslaught the afternoon sets began and so we retreated from the arena back to the blankets and a couple of refreshing beers. I also had a delicious veggie curry for my lunch and spent the afternoon watching some OK music with the odd gem every now and again. Special mentions would go to Juana Molina who was wonderful and very charming and later on the ever fantastic Bert Jansch.

Bert Jansch

Once Bert's set had finished I went for a wander around the site where I caught the lantern parade by the kids who'd spent the day making the paper lanterns and were now proudly showing them off in a long line of bobbing lights stretching away into the distance.


The festival ended for me watching another aging folk legend, Wizz Jones, perform an incredibly entertaining set with accompaniment from a guy introduced only as "Simian" who played flute, harmonica and tenor sax to Wizz's flying fingers on the acoustic. After that we had one last beer ten headed for our tents. Everyone was shattered by this point and crawling into our respective tents seemed the best policy.


I awoke fairly early on Monday as the sun finally came out properly in the morning. Bloody typical since the show was now over. I went and grabbed a roll and a cup of tea for breakfast and took a final wander around the site to survey the aftermath.

The Morning After II

With everyone in our party up and about it was time to pack our bags, dismantle the tents, load the car and begin the long journey back to London.


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